Travel & Tourism

Booking travel on the Internet is already normal today. Because good bargains can be made. It does not always have to concern itself directly with the journey, if a partner program is looked for. Most partner programs are comparison portals. Here the consumer can compare in all peace the prices for the journeys. At the same time it is also worthwhile to use travel agencies that are in the vicinity.

The Best Partner Programs for Travel & Tourism:

ProgramPay Per Sale offer:Pay Per Lead offer:2nd tier commission:Main Markets: Link
up to CDN$ 40up to CDN$ 25up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 200up to CDN$ 15up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 125up to CDN$ 35up to 12%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 5%Worldwide.
up to DN $80up to CDN$ 5up to 8%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 10up to 7%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 15up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 10%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 100up to CDN$ 8up to 7%English speaking countries.

This allows not only regional advertising, but also a large customer base to be reached. Before you travel, you need the right travel equipment. It is therefore easy to advertise with suitcases or travel bags. Several products can be packed on one travel block. Affiliate programs are integrated without this being unnecessarily noticeable. Hotel offers are just as practical. Here, too, it is possible to operate internationally.

Hotels often work together with customers from abroad. Business travellers, or private individuals, the customer base is large when it comes to partner programs from the travel industry. Even the way to the airport can be seen as a lucrative partner program. Like parking at the airport, for example.

All this has to be well organized. The easier it is made for the holidaymaker, the more likely it is that the partner programs will be selected.