A large number of new financial products have been launched on the market in recent years. Many of these products are also suitable for small investors, such as binary options, small loans and precious metals. Those who have already informed themselves about rewarding partner programs know that lucrative income can be generated with the best partner programs in the category of finance.

The Best Affiliate Programs for Finance:

ProgramPay Per Sale offer:Pay Per Lead offer:2nd tier commission:Main Markets: Link
up to CDND$ 150up to CDN$ 10up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 12%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 40up to CDN$ 8up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 200up to CDN$ 15up to 7%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 35up to 10%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 15up to 7%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 100up to CDN$ 25up to 8%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 125up to CDN$ 15up to 5%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 8%Worldwide.
up to DN $80up to CDN$ 5up to 3%English speaking countries.

Participation in the Best Affiliate Programs is Free

Anyone who runs a website on the subject of finance can participate in partner programmes in the area of finance. The prerequisite for participation is a registration with a partner program network (Finanz Quality, FinanceAds, affilinet, Zanox) or directly with the provider of the selected partner program. After the provider of the partner program has checked the website, the website operator receives his personal advertising link by e-mail and can integrate text links and/or advertising banners into his website. The Affiliate receives a lucrative commission for each referral. The commission is paid either by click, by lead or by contract. Since the amount of the commission varies between the different providers, it is worth comparing different affiliate programs.

Selection of the best affiliate programs from the area of finance