Online Casino Affiliate Programs offered in Canada

With online casino affiliate programs you can definitely make very good money. These are so-called affiliate programs. Every time a customer comes to the casino site via a certain link and spends money there, commission is due.

But it also depends on which program you choose. There are many different contract terms and payout options. In order to shed some light on this jungle, we list the most common criteria you should pay attention to below:



Online Casino Affiliate Programs offered in Canada:

ProgramPay Per Sale offer:Pay Per Lead offer:2nd tier commission:Main Markets: Link
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 5up to 10%English speaking countries.
up to DN $80up to CDN$ 15up to 7%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 8%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 100up to CDN$ 25up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 125up to CDN$ 10up to 5%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 50up to CDN$ 15up to 10%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 40up to CDN$ 8up to 7%Worldwide.
up to CDN$ 75up to CDN$ 15up to 3%English speaking countries.
up to CDN$ 200up to CDN$ 35up to 12%Worldwide.
up to CDND$ 150up to CDN$ 15up to 8%English speaking countries.


Payment methods and minimum payout threshold

It is certainly most convenient if the casino simply pays by bank transfer. But there are also some tricky variations. Sometimes you only pay via certain online valets, where quite high expenses are due. Of course, the casino also earns money there. With the minimum payout threshold the next traps wait. From time to time it is so high that one has to wait some time until finally a commission is paid out again. You should therefore pay attention to a payout method that is as free of charges as possible and a minimum payout threshold that is as low as possible.

Lifelong automatic commissions

The second and probably most important factor is whether the affiliate program pays lifelong commissions. There are two rough models here. Either the program pays something for you bringing a new customer and that he spends money. This can be a fixed amount per customer or a share of his first deposit. This is probably the worst option for you. It is best, however, if you are automatically involved in all of the customer’s deposits in the casino for life. So you can build up a nice passive income.


Commission types and commission scales

There are different ways to calculate your share here. It can be a percentage of the deposits, which is the best. But most of the time it is a share of the profit. This means that if the customer wins, the commission will be smaller. In addition, many affiliate programs offer graduations. For example, you get a 30% share for 0-10 players and a 40% share for 10-20 players. So they want to spur you on to win more customers. That’s very good in principle.


Attractiveness of the casino

Another important factor for the selection of the affiliate program is definitely the attractiveness of the casino. You should check the following features more closely:

– You should also check what licenses the casino has. It depends on from which countries people can

I can’t even play there.

– What welcome bonuses and VIP programs are available at the casino?

– What currencies are allowed and are good payment options available.

– How long are the processing times?

– What are the maximum deposit and withdrawal limits? How low is the minimum deposit.

– Is there good customer support?

– And what is the overall impression of the casino site. Just go to the casino site yourself and think about whether

Now you really want to play there.


More factors for a good affiliate program

There are still many possibilities that make a partner program more attractive. If, for example, you can win sub-partners, then it is possible to build an entire network. If there are CPA plans. There are no negative transfers. Administration fees are due. And then there is the question, which tools are available to you for the observation of your customers and their turnovers.

How clear and transparent is the partner program? This also shows how trustworthy the affiliate program appears. These were a lot of factors that should help you to find the optimal affiliate program. Have fun earning money!